Rock steady stability, heavy duty performance and a professional finish.

Ecogenik Ultrahord provides rock steady stability, heavy duty performance and a professional finish in busy pedestrian and road areas.

The modular system is simple and quick to assemble and provides a robust barrier between public areas and work areas.

Ultrahord uses sturdy polythene bases which can be filled with water for added stability and impact resistance. The versatile bases can be re-used on a variety of projects including creating traffic lanes as well as for supporting perimeter hoardings.

The system passed both wind and impact resistance tests before being granted Network Rail approval for use on platforms where high speed trains can generate considerable air flow pressures.

As you can see from the photographs, Ultrahord is being used along one of the main platforms at Birmingham New Street Station.

The vertical panels used in the Ultrahord system will be chosen to meet site conditions, but our 100% recycled plastic Ultraspan and SPF panels are compatible with this system. At the end of their usable lives, both the panels and the polythene bases can be 100% recycled for use in new plastic products.