Solid panel modular hoarding system that meets a number of eco-friendly criteria

Ecogenik SPF is a solid panel modular hoarding system that meets a number of eco-friendly criteria. It is very popular with supermarkets who want a simple alternative to traditional plywood painted external hoardings.

SPF panels are made from a 100% recycled plastic compound which creates a solid board that can be drilled, screwed and cut to size, just like plywood panels. However, unlike plywood it will not wilt, bow, rot or splinter and panels can be re-used and re-located many times.

At the end of its usable life, each panel can be 100% recycled and made into other plastic products - in like plywood panels which are often damaged during dismantling and sent to landfill sites.

SPF is ideal for installing on flat, firm surfaces like supermarket car parks. It provides a robust hoarding to create a secure work site for contractors and ensure customers and cars are channelled safely around the site. It uses steel supports and a simple bolt-down system or counterweights which cause minimal damage to tarmac surfaces.

The system can also be castellated to ensure an even appearance on sloping areas and it is flexible enough to create acute or obtuse angles to go around immovable fixtures.

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