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Recycled plastic external hoarding systems by Ecogenik
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100% recycled PVC clip on system. Versatile system offers unlimited scope.

Ecogenik Ultraspan Extra offers unlimited scope for large scale temporary hoardings. It is robust, safe, attractive, safe and verstatile - available in colours to match your needs.

It is similar to the flat panel Ultraspan, but it incorporates a clip rail which makes it easy to clip on to scaffolding or Heras fencing. The rail also means that the panels can house baffle boards to reduce the noise transmitted through the hoarding.

Panels are with 100% recycled PVC and each panel is sturdy and robust with a stable moulded construction.

Ecogenik Ultraspan Extra is easy to handle, easy to cut to size and easy to fix. Panels can also be used to make double gates, allowing site access to cranes and wide-load vehicles. Panels can fit to timber battens.

As well as being eco-friendly, Ultraspan Extra panels provide an attractive public facing facade and they can be manufactured to match corporate colours.

Noise reduction

Ultraspan Extra panels are available with a unique, built-in sound absorption system which can reduce noise levels by 25 decibels. Baffle boards simply slot in the back of each panel and face the work area.

The baffle material has been specially developed to absorb the noise created in the work area. Therefore hoardings which border sensitive areas can benefit from the dramatic noise reduction for the comfort of customers and the general public. The baffles are also made of recycled materials and their specialist louvred design ensures that sound is effectively absorbed and contained within the work area.

Noise reduction is an increasingly important consideration to many companies and Ultraspan Extra sets a new standard for UK hoardings. Please call if you require technical details.