New Crossrail trials begin for hybrid hoarding system

Ecogenik has developed a new hoardings configuration to meet the specific needs of Crossrail

A Crossrail inspection team takes a look at the hoarding A Crossrail inspection team takes a look at the hoarding

Following on from its continued success working with Network Rail, Ecogenik has begun trials of a new system with Crossrail.

Crossrail is responsible for for work carried out at London stations which connects  underground stations to overground stations and the main UK rail network. 

The photgraph shows members of the Crossrail team inspecting the prototype hoarding before they gave the go ahead to begin the trials. Click on the photo to enlarge.

The Crossrail project is specifically concerened with providing perimeter hoarding to sites where drilling and boring will take place. This will create deep excavations where passenger escalators and lifts will be installed. It is part of a London-wide programme to modernise underground/overground access before the 2012 Olympic Games.

A de-mountable system will be used so that it can be dismantled and quickly re-located to the next site as efficiently as possible. Ultrahord footings are being used with Ultraspan Extra panels and the systems are being trialled in the light blue corporate colours of Crossrail.

Each drill site perimeter will be aproximately 4 metres wide and up to 40 metes long. It will allow drill rigs to operate and allow the main plant be be delvered on a trailer pulled by a Land Rover.

Crossrail has earmarked 21 sites where inter-station upgrades will take place. Trials began in May and we will report on the results on this website.


Added: Thu 10 Jun 2010