St David's Centre unveils upper level to shoppers

Ecogenik hoardings are behind the high impact, giant graphics at the St David's Centre in Cardiff.

Three of the 'high visibilty' hoardings at St David's Three of the 'high visibilty' hoardings at St David's

Floor-to-ceiling hoardings on the upper shopping level of the St David's Centre in Cardiff provide a real splash of colour for shoppers.

The 8 metre high hoardings are a dominant feature of the upper level when the new upper level was unveiled to shoppers at the end of last year.

Ecogenik Soundmaster panels create the temporary walls seen in the photographs. The hoardings will come down one by one as new retailers move into the upper level units.

"St David's is a great example of how hoardings can bring a retail environment to life," says Ecogenik MD, Tony Doherty. "Only five years ago, most hoardings were quite non-descript and did little to enhance the environment they were in. However, advances in our hoarding systems, combined with advances in printing techniques mean that temporary walls no longer look like 'voids' and they make a major contribution to the identity of a retail environment."


Added: Fri 8 Jan 2010